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POP Yachts and RVs, works in conjunction with POP Sells, LLC which is the largest privately held boat and RV brokerage in the nation with over 300 Brokers.  Brokers are located in USA and Canada.


POP Sells, LLC was established in July 2009 and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. 

(Florida Secretary of State Registration ) and has sold over 20,000 units.


POP Yachts and RVs has a large inventory of boats and RVs for sale and the inventory is ever-changing and most likely we have the boat or RV for sale that you are looking for.


If you are selling or looking for a boat or RV we can help you sell or find the boat or RV that is for sale that meets your needs.


If the boat or RV that is for sale that you want and is not in our inventory don't worry.  We still can help you buy the boat with our Co-Boat Broker services.


We work with all Boat and RV Brokers when it comes to buying or selling a boat or RV. POP Yachts and RV brokerage services will ensure your interests are protected through the whole boat buying process.


POP Yachts and RVs brokerage business model is different than most Boat Brokers.  When your boat is for sale with POP Yachts and RVs brokerage you get to use your boat or RV while we market it for you.  Don't let you're for sale boat or RV sit on a lot or in a  marina while you make payments.


Enjoy your boat and RV while you are trying to sell it by listing it with POP Yachts and RV  brokerage.


If your boat or RV is for sale with POP Yachts and RVs brokerage you still have the ability to sell your boat or RV on your own and not pay POP Yachts and RVsbrokerage a commission.  You only pay POP Yachts and RVs brokerage a commission if we procure the buyer through our marketing efforts or if the buyer is procured by one of  POP Yachts and RVs brokerage or through a Co-Boat Broker agreement.

POP stands for "Paid on Performace". There is no cost to you unless we sell your unit.



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